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Catalogue Inspiration #02

  7.01.2022   codimat   Catalogs

Inspirations #2 is a reading of our collections and our heritage through four themes that retrace our history and our know-how: Iconic, Graphic, Natural and Classic. Beyond that, the Codimat

Collections Alexandre Benjamin Navet

  2.03.2021   codimat   Catalogs

The first artistic project by Alexandre Benjamin Navet with Codimat Collection was born in 2019 during the exhibition Art Brussels. From this exhibition was born this collection of four rugs Parcelles and carpet slabs that invents another playful relationship on the floor: the possibility of working the textile floor as a mosaic that leaves everyone free to play on a variety of assemblages of patterns.

Collection Pernille Picherit

  9.02.2021   codimat   Catalogs

A history of lines and curves, a memory of the sea horizon and sea bubbling with impatience, a look at architecture and nature! For this second collection, artist Pernille Picherit plays with lines, tries a palette of colors that juxtaposes with force the cold and the hot, between power and softness… and with artistic boldness deconstructs its pattern so that it escapes from the conventional frame of the carpet.

Catalog Inspirations #01

  17.12.2020   admin_codimat   Catalogs

The Codimat Collection catalog is an inspirational medium where each creation, whether it is a rug or a carpet presented according to a color theme, is tailor-made according to your projects.

Catherine Gran

  6.11.2020   codimat   Catalogs

An extension of the dreamlike universe of Catherine Gran, tinged with humour and poetry, lulled by Lewis Caroll and Jules Verne, this collection of four drawings edited by Codimat Collection, declined in rugs and carpet slabs, re-enchants the decorative floors.

Yves Taralon

  1.09.2020   codimat   Catalogs

Between tradition and modernity, this collection, designed by Yves Taralon, is inspired by the Orient: high in color, born of his imagination, then nourished by his journeys and his culture of civilizations, this collection illustrates the symbolism of ancestral cultures.

Mattia Bonetti

  12.07.2020   codimat   Catalogs

Mattia Bonetti has designed a collection of carpets in subtle tones, as softened by time.
The pencil lines make the differences between the colours which remain blurred in a misty atmosphere. Scottish, striped or designed by overlay effects.

Madeleine Castaing

  9.06.2020   codimat   Catalogs

I have expressed myself through what I loved in my life:
in homes, gardens, furniture, interior design…”
Bayadère stripes, feline motifs, banana leaves, powdered colours… His legacy, born in the middle of the Art Deco, knows now its moment of glory.

Pernille Picherit

  20.05.2020   codimat   Catalogs

Pernille Picherit is an artist and an interior designer.
Her patterns are built from graphic shapes and custom colors. For Codimat, she has drawn a series of contemporary rugs.

Bela Silva

  20.05.2020   codimat   Catalogs

For Codimat, Bela Silva has designed a collection of carpets.
Explore the poetic universe of Bela Silva.