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The ability to achieve original and tailor-made outcomes in response to the questions posed by our clients is the very weave and weft of Codimat’s DNA.


The wealth of the archives available to Codimat Collection makes it possible to push back the frontiers of the “tailor-made” so that the decor of each floor expresses the personalities and desires of those who imagine them. What would the spirit of a living room be, the rectitude of a corridor, the prospect of a stairwell, if they were not underscored by specially selected floors whose motifs, colours and materials become the final notes of an interior design symphony? By weaving and interweaving the patterns imagined by architects and decorators around the world on its looms, Codimat Collection redefines and elevates the decorative art of flooring.


The spirit of the material, the deftness of gesture, the intelligence of the “practised hand” …

Through the choice of the finest materials and the mastery of ancestral gestures, each creation by Codimat Collection contributes to the renown of French luxury items.

Pure silk, wool, mohair, cashmere, hemp, nettle fibre, aloe vera, abaca, cotton and linen … indeed, the flawless quality of a yarn is essential in order to give sufficient depth, energise colours and yield softness at every step. Natural fibres are preferred for their beauty, comfort and durability. Then comes the steady hand on the loom coupled with a sure-fire expertise that can justify the choice between a Jacquard, a hand-tufted or hand-knotted weave, bringing a quintessential touch which bestows perfection on a carpet or a rug.


The privilege of editing creators and designers.

Codimat Collection offers artists, designers and decorators freedom of expression when designing collections of rugs and carpets; some of which are conceived as works of art – hung on walls, they become paintings – whilst others, with untold subtlety, reveal the spirit of a place.