Collections of artist-designed rugs, including exclusive patterning by Madeleine Castaing. Bespoke creations for projects entrusted to interior architects from around the world. A choice of more than 16,000 patterns, the oldest of which date from the 18th century, all make Codimat Collection one of the major references in the fields of rug-edition and the creation of custom-made carpets.


Codimat Collection combines the codes of luxury with those of outstanding craftsmanship to create exceptional rugs and carpets. Whether for institutions, private houses, hotels, restaurants or shops, our response to your requirements will provide you with the materials, patterns and colours you need to truly enhance your interior decoration project.

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Collections Alexandre Benjamin Navet
codimat | 02, March

The first artistic project by Alexandre Benjamin Navet with Codimat Collection was born in 2019 during the exhibition Art Brussels. From this exhibition was born this collection of four rugs Parcelles and carpet slabs that invents another playful relationship on the floor: the possibility of working the textile floor as a mosaic that leaves everyone free to play on a variety of assemblages of patterns.